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Costs, Billing, and Terms of Service


Reducing environmental impact in the office addresses not only the issue of ecological sustainability, but is also a way to achieve the cost efficiency which we like to reflect in our practice.

Digital files replace paper which is used only when absolutely required, electronic equipment is swiched on only when being used, just as lights and heating. Avoiding waste and recycling is part of our sustainability plan.

The office is located in the area of Santos, the design district near the Lisbon business district. It is a 10 minute walk from the business district and is accessible by train from the area of Cascais, by Metro from anywhere in town, as well as by bike lanes from the riverfront area. There is also a public car paark adjacent to the office.


You may consult with us in person at the office, as well as through Skype by conference call or by phone using any of our other contact information. Shall you wish to make an appointment please feel free to call or e-mail.

Other services such as accounting, domiciliation, tax representation and real estate agencing must be outsourced, since by regulation, Law Offices are allowed to provide legal services only. For this we rely on our partners with whom we liaise on a regular basis. Whether hiring these services yourself, or through our partners, shalll you wish to consult the reference fee chart for outsourced services, you may request it by e-mail to geral@hals-law.eu .


Our fees are standard and available upon request, shall you wish to consult our fee chart please feel free to request one by e-mail to geral@hals-law.eu .