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Continuous research and careful organization of information allow a more productive interaction when it comes to legal advice. Shall you wish to consult our guides please be so kind as to file your request to the following e-mail: geral@hals-law.eu


The official website where legislation is published on a daily basis and made available for consultation for the last 45 days. Legislation is made available as published, and full versions of updated legislation are not always made available, therefore any information retrieved from this website must be analysed and used taking this into consideration.

Tax Authorities

Contains general information on taxes, such as legislation and the latest formal instructions of Tax Authorities, as well as a fiscal calendar with details on tax obligations. Online services are made accessibe to companies and individuals through this website by means of a password. These online services may be used to file tax declarations and pay your taxes, to file any requests or provide information to Tax Authorities. Accountants and lawyers are allowed to use further services. Tasks that used to be carried out by Tax Authority services may now be carried out by taxpeyers and their representatives.

Social Security

Contains general information and detailed guides on how to interact with Social Security Services. Online services may be accessed through this website with a password, saving trips to services, forms are made available as well.


Provides general information on brands and patents and allows informal preliminary research on brand and patent database. This prior research should be carried out as a preliminary search, not the only search, as databases are constantly changing, and na assisted search at INPI is recomendable. This website allows to file online requests with reduced fees paid by ATM.


Provides centralized information on all registry services, including corporate, civil, property and automobile. This includes the contacts to local registry services, and general information on requirements and documents. Online registration services are available for lawyers as well as for whoever holds an identity card with a digital certificate. Online registration allows for significante reduction of registry fees.

Publicações MJ

Provides an official list of formal publications for all acts subject to mandatory publication.

Câmaras Municipais de Cascais, Oeiras e Lisboa

Useful information, contacts and services made available by the Municipalities of Cascais, Oeiras and Lisbon