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Prevention and Compliance. Ensured by addressing the legal implications of each step prior to undertaking a project or major commitment, or simply before signing any legal document.

Legal Advice. Whether seeking general legal advice, or simply guidance when pursuing specific matters on your own. It is vital to be fully aware of possible risks and expected outcome, as well as having practical knowledge of details. Counsel will point the right direction and ensure you do not get lost on an ever growing amount of information.

Step by step advice or full assistance. By handling all legal issues, as well as liaising with all relevant public and private entities, from Courts of Law, Notaries, Registrars Offices, Licencing Entities, to Business Partners, Banks, Accounting Offices, Architects, Contractors, Real Estate Agents or any others.


Commercial and Contract Law: negotiation, drafting, execution and continuous follow up. Compliance, assistance on breach of contract, debt recovery.

Corporate Law: incorporation, including drafting of articles of incorporation, registration with Corporate Registrar, Social Security and Labour Authorities, liaising with banks and accountants. Drafting and execution of share transfers, changes to articles of incorporation and corporate bodies, shareholder agreements. Licensing activities. Drafting and executing contracts and follow up on a day to day basis. Legal advice and revision of documents on any corporate matters.

Energy and Environmental Law: counselling on investment options, renewable energies, environmentally protected areas and species, trade on vulnerable and exotic species.

Real Estate Property Legal Management: real estate acquisition, prior assessment of property status, verification of licences and requirements, assistance prior, during and post transaction, drafting and execution of promissory and final purchase agreements before notaries, and registration. Follow up legal management to homeowners.

Trademarks and IP Rights: prior assessment and registration of IP rights ensuring protection at national, European and international levels, drafting and negotiating agreements for the commercial use of existing IP rights.

Litigation: legal representation and support on and off court aimed at rational and cost-effective solutions.

Settlements and Appeals of Labour/Employment: drafting contracts and other employment related legal documents, human resourses management, and assistance in disciplinary actions, employment termination procedures and litigation. Transfer of workforce within the country and transfer of foreign workforce. Compliance with labour legislation. Legal advice and contract revising.

Criminal Law: legal representation and assistance.

Civil and Family Law: legal assistance and advice in marriage, divorce, child custody and support, wills.

Nationality and Relocation/Immigration to Portugal: review, assessment and assistance with requirements for nationality applications, and application procedures. Review and assessment of requirements for visa or relocation to Portugal with focus on investors, entrepreneurs and independent workers, including GRP program.

Other Legal Services: in the sequence of the approval of legislation designed to simplify legal procedures, lawyers were allowed to certify documents, signatures, and translations in the same terms as Notaries. Moreover, lawyers holding a digital certificate may file registrations online at the Corporate and Property Registry Offices or Trademark Registrar benefiting from reductions in registry fees up to 50%.